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The Mesa was born out of frustration. Heavy, poorly manufactured steel carriers have been around for years, but owning one is very annoying. They're too heavy to use regularly, they rust, they rattle from loose parts, and if you've ever caught your shin on the edge of one, you know what true pain feels like. 

Mesa Carriers are all-aluminum and fully welded. There are no bolts/screws, and absolutely no assembly is required. The Mesa weighs an astonishingly light 30 lbs, making it easy to install and can hang effortlessly in your garage.

But what really makes this carrier unique are the six removable rails that can be easily arranged along the edge or through the center. You can pop these rails off with one hand, without spilling your beer. This unmatched versatility allows you to configure your carrier on the fly. Hauling firewood? Pop off the rails to easily unload. Need a flat surface to work on? Easy. 

New for 2022 is the redesigned platform base, featuring the Mesa logo and the "Made In Texas" insignia. 

The MESA is the perfect cargo carrier for ATVs, golf carts, cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs.  All you need is a 2" hitch receiver.  Don't have one?  Go get one.  We'll wait.


Length: 48"
Width: 24"
Weight: 30 lbs.

Weight capacity: 500 lbs.
Fits: any 2" hitch receiver